Whiskey Girl

Bananas on a Boat

Is it a British Columbia thing to not bring bananas on a fishing boat because its bad luck?! My uncle from Texas thought we were crazy when we told him….

5 days

Count down to Sean moving a billion miles away from me begins…. So excited for him, so nervous, and secretly so sad. I hope this week goes by nice and slow so I can enjoy every minute of it

Went to the batting cages and go carting after work today such a blast!! And I am definitely the next Jimmy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez ;)

Typical fishing story

skipped work to go fishing. Out on the water for an hour get the first bite, huge fight as the winds pick up, my dad couldn’t even turn the boat to head back towards the fish, finally get the thing to the surface it hits a white cap, flies out of the water, looks at me and spits the damn hook out. Because it was so rough we had to go in :(