Whiskey Girl


If any of you all can think of good country songs for road trips PLEASE let me know!! Sean and I are starting this long ass drive on Tuesday and I need to get a playlist going

Took a bunch of pictures today with the Moo for Sean to take up north with him. Bought a beautiful wooden frame for them. I’m excited for how it’ll turn out :)

Bananas on a Boat

Is it a British Columbia thing to not bring bananas on a fishing boat because its bad luck?! My uncle from Texas thought we were crazy when we told him….

5 days

Count down to Sean moving a billion miles away from me begins…. So excited for him, so nervous, and secretly so sad. I hope this week goes by nice and slow so I can enjoy every minute of it

Went to the batting cages and go carting after work today such a blast!! And I am definitely the next Jimmy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez ;)